Tenne Unternberg

Grieskirchen, Upper Austria

Spring 2020

Gregor Graf

Foto: Gregor GrafFoto: Gregor GrafFoto: Gregor GrafFoto: Gregor GrafFoto: Gregor GrafFoto: Gregor GrafFoto: Gregor GrafFoto: Gregor Graf

Tenne Unternberg

Tenne Unternberg was acquired by the family‘s parents‘ generation in the mid-1960s and used as a small farm and inn. In the course of the years, the use of the building changed and traditional room sequences were adapted to fit the needs of the following generations.

During the first construction phase, the existing apartment in the eastern wing of the building was renovated. The task was to unveil the original character and existing qualities of the building and to make those things tangible by contemporary interpretations. The kitchen and living room are reconstructed to become places of encounter and communication, just as they were intended by the traditional courtyard structure.

In the second construction phase, the former threshing floor was transformed into living space for the younger generation. The supporting structure of the roof remains visible in the new apartment. A sheltered terrace is cut into the high and open living and dining area. On the ground floor, the former carriage entrance between the living space and the stable becomes the access area to the new apartment on the first floor. The space where the two residential units meet, is upgraded into a communal room for family celebrations etc.

In addition, a new garage building was constructed. Due to its structure and facade made of translucent multi-skin sheets, it offers space for tractors and is equally suited for table tennis tournaments and plant cultivation.